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10 years ago we wouldn't have dreamed about all the things we can do now on the trusty old TV set,

But "technology is here and we must embrace it" they say, what they don't tell you is how to set it all up!

CCTV, Access Control Systems Based in Brighton, serving, Worthing, Lancing, Crawley, Saltdean and the surrounding areas.

Alpine installs, primary focus is to protect your property using the latest innovative electronic security products. Securvision's integrated approach to products and services ensures we provide a total electronic security solution. By tailoring the system to fit your individual needs, we will help you secure your premises by taking care of the safety of your people and property.

alpine instals CCTV

Master Socket Relocation
we realise how your situation changes and we can help make that simpler for you. We can re-locate your master socket within your premises. We can also relocate the master socket or extensions due to internal building work you may have planned; even if this is only for a short while to give you a temporary service until the work is completed within your property.

Provision of Telephone Extensions
We supply and install telephone extensions professionally and carefully anywhere throughout your property. Ideal for additional telephone handsets, digital TV and Fax machines

Fault Finding and Repairs
Telephone line faults & repairs service from the external supply to the property, to the individual telecom points throughout a property. Faults diagnosed and repaired efficiently

You can have several TV points in your house to receive Analogue and Digital TV or add a link facility giving you the ability to transfer your Sky system to anywhere around your home.

We can install or upgrade existing points to view and control your main Sky box. Alternatively, you can operate each point with a separate, standalone Sky system.

Add a Sky link facility or /and a Magic eye Remote control and Cable.

alpine instals SKY TV

With crime on the rise these days and Police requiring hard evidence to convict criminals its certainly worth considering a CCTV system as its probably cheaper than you might think

CCTV systems can be installed, set up and demonstrated to you so you can be safe with the knowledge that should anything happen in or around your home, you've got it on camera.

alpine instals CCTV

alpine instals CCTV


Additional Info

Including uhf aerials ,
Fm Aerials,
Dab Aerials.
All can be Provided at the same time to communal installs to special height installs these include satellite installation ,
as small as tv checks and extra tv points ,Digital TV,Satellite and Mulimedia points ,all work is guaranteed all work that can also be included also is TV'S mounted to walls audio surround systems ,smart Tv links including bluetooth set upĀ 
nothing is to big or to small we are here to help


Freeview. Subscription-free TV.

Freeview is the FREE DIGITAL TV SERVICE, to replace the analogue transmission in 2012.
It is received via the aerial which is normally on the chimney, roof or sometimes in the loft.

Freesat. - Subscription-free satellite TV. - There is no catch !

Freesat was created to ensure that everyone has the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK.


What would you do next? It would be your word against the couriers that its not there anymore and you may not be able to reclaim that parcel. With the CCTV in place you could at least find out what happened.

This can all be incorperated into your existing TV wiring so that any room that already has a TV point can also view the images from 1 or more cameras.


WIFI - Broadband

10 years ago we wouldn't have dreamed about all the things we can do now on the trusty old TV set,

But "technology is here and we must embrace it" they say, what they don't tell you is how to set it all up!

If you need assistance with the all the new fandangled stuff then let us take the stress from you, we will ensure you are getting the most from your Smart TV and give you a demonstration on all its features.

This will include On demand, Internet, Apps and anything else it has.


Home Networking

Todays technology requires that our cabling infastructure keeps up with the modern demands of new equipment, ethernet cables such as Cat5 or Cat6 can have a variety of uses, such a spreading good wireless in any part of the house or building as well as sending Audio and Visual including HDMI.