With crime on the rise...

With crime on the rise these days and Police requiring hard evidence to convict criminals its certainly worth considering a CCTV system as its probably cheaper than you might think

CCTV systems can be installed, set up and demonstrated to you so you can be safe with the knowledge that should anything happen in or around your home, you've got it on camera.

Recordable DVR's mean that each camera is recording any event that happens and you can then choose to rewind or put a certain date and time in and view the images its recorded, this is just the sort of hard evidence that the Police want should you need to provide it.

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The other neat feature with recordable systems we offer is that you can view your cameras on the internet anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, also on your smartphone or tablet too!

Cameras have more uses that you might think, lets imagine a courier leaves a parcel behind your bin or by the front door, naturally they will leave a card posted through your letterbox to inform you of where it is, you come home read the card but cannot find the parcel.

alpine instals CCTV

Closed Circuit TV in Brighton and Hove

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What would you do next? It would be your word against the couriers that its not there anymore and you may not be able to reclaim that parcel. With the CCTV in place you could at least find out what happened.

This can all be incorperated into your existing TV wiring so that any room that already has a TV point can also view the images from 1 or more cameras.


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Each individual property will have different requirements, why not contact us for a free quote and a site visit, it could prove to be a wise move!

We use a range of CCTV cameras and DVR's suitable for each application and now are available in 1080p HD for an even crispier clearer image like never before!