Freeview Services Brighton and Hove

Freeview is the FREE DIGITAL TV SERVICE, to replace the analogue transmission in 2012.
It is received via the aerial which is normally on the chimney, roof or sometimes in the loft.
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If your existing aerial needs upgrading to receive freeview, prices start from as low as £30 for a digital aerial !
To get Freeview there is a one-off payment for the digital box or digital TV, no monthly subscription. Standard digital boxes start from around £20. Integrated digital TVs (iDTV), that have Freeview built-in, are available from around £150. There is no subscription cost.

You will need a digital box or digital TV recorder which will work with your existing TV. Or alternatively you can get an iDTV which has Freeview already built in.

Freeview+, Freeview's digital TV recorder, allows you to record one channel whilst watching another, pause live TV and record your favourite programmes at the touch of a button

With Freeview most people will receive over 40 TV channels; some people around 15, depending on where you live. These are also subject to regional variations, including E4, ITV2, BBC Three and CBeebies, and the service includes over 20 free digital radio stations and interactive services through the remote control red button.
Many digital boxes and digital TVs have a parental lock facility which enables you to control which channels can be viewed.


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Additional Info

Yes. Most of the country will receive HD when their region switches to digital. The HD service is subscription-free but you will need a Freeview HD digital box or Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder and connect it to an HD ready TV set. Use the postcode checker on this website to find out if it is available for you.
Freeview HD will give viewers access to four subscription-free (HD) channels from the public service broadcasters (BBC, ITV, and Channel 4), in addition to up to 40 Freeview channels in SD.

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Freesat was created to ensure that everyone has the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK.