Access points...

For wifi extension around the house /garden 
We at Alpine Aerials and Satellites, install various products to improve your wifi enhancement around your home ,for example , 
proception the flood ceiling AP 1200Mbps 
Duel band 2.4/5GHz RJ45 

Can be installed easily into your ceiling or and at the landing to help spread your wifi effectively around your home along with points in the wall proception stream 2 in wall can be put in for complete wifi control in any size home.

Wifi extensions

10 years ago we wouldn't have dreamed about all the things we can do now on the trusty old TV set,

But "technology is here and we must embrace it" they say, what they don't tell you is how to set it all up!

If you need assistance with the all the new fandangled stuff then let us take the stress from you, we will ensure you are getting the most from your Smart TV and give you a demonstration on all its features.

This will include On demand, Internet, Apps and anything else it has.

Todays technology requires that our cabling infastructure keeps up with the modern demands of new equipment, ethernet cables such as Cat5 or Cat6 can have a variety of uses, such a spreading good wireless in any part of the house or building as well as sending Audio and Visual including HDMI.


The heart of a truly modern home relies on this type of cable infastructure, we can help plan, design and install systems to your requirement. as well as all your other TV services.